The Tasty World of Ginger Kids


Some of my fondest childhood memories are of evenings cooking dinners and holiday meals with my family. Most nights we would have dinner together and share the details of the day at the dinner table. Holidays were especially fun because we would listen to music, decorate the house, cook and invite friends and family to share in the celebration!

My goal in creating Ginger Kids was to develop a line of products, programs and activities that bring families together. Our initial product line was developed to encourage children to appreciate other cultures through cooking, crafts, music and more! The company has grown to include, healthy cooking programs, etiquette workshops, holiday home décor and our newest on-line educational experience, “Passport to the World Club”.

Cooking together is a fantastic way to spend time as a family – children are never too young to pitch in. Toddlers can help pour ingredients into bowls and stir; older kids can crack eggs, measure ingredients and learn how to properly use a variety of kitchen tools and equipment. I have also found that children are more likely to try new foods that they help prepare.

Memories and traditions are created in the kitchen! Make everyday a celebration – someone got an “A” on a spelling test, or maybe it’s Tuesday!

Start cooking up fond memories with your family!